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I have been overweight for my entire life. I had tried a few fad diets, and I ended up losing weight, but it was always only limited to 15 or 20 lbs. I then decided to break it down to the basics and work with my body, rather than against it.

I began understanding that the choices I make should honor my body and not destroy it. I started living for my body and not against it. I began with the physical component. I started incorporating something physical into my daily routine - just getting out of the house for a quick walk/jog session. I slowly started to realize that I was really enjoying this! Then The Women's Club opened up. It seemed like a nice place with great staff. The Meret sisters really made me feel comfortable and welcomed. I started going to the gym 4-5 days a week, and better yet - looking forward to it!

I began incorporating the nutrition aspect into this new decision in my life. Then, the results. I saw changes!!! I felt changes!!! I think that after the first 20 lbs - it became quite apparent to me that, "hey, I can do this! This is a walk in the park - LITERALLY!" And with The Women's Club as my vehicle to help me become the person I know exists inside - it's been an easy and enjoyable task. The personal trainers at The Women's Club are highly educated individuals who are always more than willing to help you out, and always with big, bright, beautiful smiles too! Michelle Meret, a personal trainer at The Woman's Club, has recently provided me with a personal plan for continued success. She continually alters my program every so often so that my body does not get accustom or limited to one program, thus building a continual challenge for my body to keep burning fat, changing and shrinking!!

Since I started this lifestyle change, I have lost 50 lbs, and I feel amazing! I've dropped 3 dress sizes and over 10 inches!!! But the best part - is that I'm half way there and I know what I'm doing now with the help of the staff at The Women's Club. My new passion (to honor, respect and produce a healthy body) has been aided and influenced by the staff of The Women's Club in such a supportive and compassionate way. I look forward to continuing to build my relationship with The Women's Club on my quest for health - and have confidence it will sustain the positive influence and support that it has been for me.

Sarah Solly
Windsor, Ontario


To the Ladies at The Women's Club,

I started working out in early 2009, and decided I needed a trainer to help me achieve my goals and stay motivated.  Because I weighed over 300 pounds, things were difficult to do, but with the help of Kristi, I worked at them, and she inspired me to continue on this journey. Today, I am 15 pounds away from goal and I owe most of that to Kristi Smith.

Kristi challenges me and won't let me say "no or I can't", once I try and complete it, it feels fantastic. Things that were unachievable at one time of my life are now within reach.  This, I truly believe has to do with Kristi, and The Women's Club.

Thank you for the encouragement,

Rose Ferro
        Rose Ferro Before                 Rose Ferro After
Rose Ferro Before
Rose Ferro
Tecumseh, Ontario

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