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Strength Training

Introducing Star Trac's "INSTINCT" line. New out of California, this line reflects Star Trac's user-friendly approach to design and functionality. Each piece accommodates users of all levels - from the new to the experienced exerciser. This line is the perfect fit for a women's fitness facility.

The Women's Club is also equipped with an extensive free weight section.

We have separated ourselves from the rest of the fitness industry by introducing new 3-dimensional technology in the form of "THE MAX RACK." This unique 3-D design combines the safety of a Smith machine and the freedom of Olympic bar weight training. The forward and back feature allows the user to move in two planes while doing common exercises such as lunges. The Women's Club also offers functional training equipment that allows members to train each muscle group through a variety of different planes and ranges of motion. Allow our team of female, professional, certified trainers guide you on a journey to improved health and overall wellbeing. Please refer to our Staff page for complete bios of our training staff.


The Women's Club is also equipped with an extensive free weight section specifically designed for women. Our free weights increase in increments of 2.5lbs, therefore allowing women to advance without causing injury.

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